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Interview Skills: Part 2 Webinar Replay
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3/23/2020 at 2:45:45 PM GMT
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Interview Skills: Part 2 Webinar Replay

Interview Skills: Part 2 Webinar Replay

The AAPA Student Committee recently held Part 2 of the webinar series on the topic of Interview Techniques.  We hope you enjoyed the tips and advice that our Panel of PAs and Medical Professionals discussed with regards to Pathologists' Assistant Interviews.  You can also revisit Part 1 of this webinar series, in which presenter Gabe Dumbrille shared his techniques to land the perfect job.

Did you know that the AAPA Student Committee is the only professional committee devoted specifically to PA students?

The primary goal of the Student Committee is to advocate for students like you while offering resources and information that will help you grow as a PA.  We determine what information and resources to share based on your suggestions and feedback.  For example, our recent Interview Techniques webinar was developed in response to student interest in this topic.  We want to continue providing you with relevant and helpful information.

We recognize that applying for and accepting your first position as a PA is an important milestone in shaping your professional career.  This can be a complicated process, so we encourage you to use as many resources as you can to prepare.  Check out the AAPA Knowledge Center for additional links to information on resume and CV building and more interview advice to use throughout your career!

3/27/2020 at 2:22:17 PM GMT
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Questions left over from Q&A

Here are answers to 2 of the questions left over from our Q&A at the end of the webinar!

Question: How do you bring up certain benefits (conference fees, CE, etc) as a new graduate and what is realistic in your opinion? 

I would bring up the topic during your interview if time permits. If not you can ask about the details while negotiating the compensation package. I would ask about what resource are available to you to maintain your ASCP certification. I find it is helpful to include the details with your employment agreement and include the actual amount covered (registration fee, hotel, travel and food allowances), how often you can attend the conferences, and if they also pay you for the time at conference, or if you have to use PTO.   

One thing I wanted to add to the overall discussion is to make sure you find a job that fits you, and that you don't force yourself to fit into a position. I made the mistake of accepting a position after graduation that had hours I knew were not ideal for my work and family life balance. I got home from work much later than I would have like to while having a young child at home. After two unhappy years I left the position and relocated to a new area with work hours better suited for raising a family.  I feel it is very important to find a position that aligns with your personal interest and lifestyle. If you enjoy life in a big city, look positions in that area. If you like a rural slower paced life style look in that direction. Don't force yourself to fit into a position that you may not be happy with. Try not make the same mistake I did. 

Question: What is the best way to ask about ergonomic safety for PAs within the gross room during an interview?

Most interviews will include a tour of the lab you will be working in, and if they don’t you should be concerned. While touring the lab it would be appropriate to ask questions about ergonomics, such as options for adjusting the bench heights.

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