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Certification Examination
Study Course

The entire course includes:

  1. Reference list
  2. Practice questions organized by content area
  3. Website list for gross photo identification and practice
  4. Common definition list referenced in Robbins Basic Pathology, 8th and 9th editions
  5. Self-Quiz cards
  6. Pathologists’ Assistant Examination Content Guideline (published by the ASCP-BOC) 
  7. Study guide published by the AAPA.
    Based on Robbins Pathologic Basis of Disease, 8th and 9th editions
  8. Brief anatomy review
  9. Access to new and improved content as it gets released throughout the year

Content will be updated routinely.



New and Improved! 

Continuous Access to Online Certification Examination Study Materials Until Each Student Passes!

Students will now have the ability to access valuable resources that will be continually updated vs. paying to purchase the materials one-time outright.  In the past, students may have waited to purchase the course until they started studying for the exam.  Our hope with this new delivery is that students will begin reviewing the materials during their first year and have continual access until they have passed the exam.  Because the practice questions will be updated as they are created, students will always have the most up-to-date materials available to them.  Our team is readily available with questions or concerns.  We also gather feedback from recent exam takers and continually make adjustments to ensure that the content is tailored in the most beneficial way possible for future examinees.  

The cost will remain the same; however, the value will increase as additional material will be added to the course throughout each year.  This includes additional supplemental study materials as well as new study questions by content area.


Students may register individually or programs may register all students and be invoiced.  To register multiple students at once, please email the office at info@pathassist.org


"The study course that the AAPA has was the only thing I used and I thought it prepared me very well for the exam!"
- Megan Demske, PA(ASCP), 2016 Rosalind Franklin University graduate

"The study course was all I needed to pass the exam."
- Michelle Robben, PA(ASCP), 2015 Rosalind Franklin University graduate

“The primary material I used to study for the Certification Exam was the exam study course made by the AAPA, and I would recommend the study course to everyone! I found the organization of the content into review, definitions, quizzes, and additional resources to be very beneficial. I mainly studied from the quizzes, as I felt they most adequately prepared me for the types of questions that would be on the exam - in fact, I think a handful of the questions were actually on my official exam! The quizzes are broken down by chapters in Robbins and are a great way to gauge what material you know well and what material you may need to review. Overall, the AAPA exam study course was my best friend when studying for the certification exam!"
- Karah Jones, PA(ASCP), 2016 University of Maryland graduate

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Matthew Guerin, MHS, PA(ASCP)CM
Chair, AAPA Study Materials Subcommittee