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Inspection Readiness Kit

Is your lab inspection ready?

Has your laboratory director ever requested checklists for macroscopic specimen examination supervision templates or competency assessment for pathologists’ assistants? Are you finding yourself struggling to locate these documents online without success? The AAPA has a solution! The AAPA Inspection Readiness Kit.

To assist pathologists’ assistants, pathologists, and laboratory directors in achieving a successful CAP inspection, and to clearly define performance expectations, the AAPA offers guidelines for personnel requirements, competency assessment of pathologists’ assistants, and for pathologists’ assistants who perform macroscopic tissue examination. This kit includes provisions from the Anatomic Pathology and Laboratory General Accreditation Checklists of the College of American Pathologists that have been licensed by the AAPA. This kit addresses only those Accreditation Checklist items directly related to pathologists’ assistants.

Has your laboratory director ever requested checklists for macroscopic specimen examination supervision templates or competency assessment for pathologists’ assistants? Are you finding yourself struggling to locate these documents online without success?

The AAPA Inspection Readiness Kit is downloadable and available by subscription through the AAPA website. The policies and templates are posted in Word format and customizable for your institution. Accreditation requires thorough documentation. The AAPA Inspection Readiness Kit will assist you in achieving a successful CAP inspection and provides useful tools for pathologists’ assistant personnel management.

Purchase access to the AAPA Inspection Readiness Kit

Employers AND current members will have to create a NEW login to access this separate portal of the AAPA website, specifically designed for the Inspection Readiness Kit.

Laboratory General

  • Pathologists’ assistant onboarding
  • Sample new employee training policy for pathologist’ assistants
  • Sample job description
  • Sample pathologists’ assistant delineation of privileges
  • Sample pathologists’ assistant report attestation
  • Sample pathologists’ assistant training checklist
  • Sample medical director delegation of competency assessment form
  • Sample initial, six-month, and annual competency assessment and evaluation forms
  • AAPA personnel requirements for pathologists’ assistants

Anatomic Pathology

  • Sample histologic preparation quality/tissue sample quality policy
  • Sample histopathology quality assurance report form
  • Sample templates for routine H&E, special stains, and immunohistochemistry
  • Editable supervision level and delineation of privileges template
  • Sample protocol for gross examination qualifications for personnel performing high complexity testing
  • Schedule for assessing competency of pathologists’ assistants
  • Specimen review list for surgical pathology and frozen section procedures
  • Competency assessment summary
  • Competency improvement plan
  • Sample policy for autopsy performance and the pathologists’ assistant

Access to the Inspection Readiness Kit costs $300 for a 2 year-subscription and $150 for each subsequent 2-year renewal.

Subscribers who fail to renew their access must repurchase access at the $300 rate.

Subscription lasts for two years and is based on an anniversary date system meaning you have full access for up to two years from the date you purchase.

Subscribers will receive notices when their renewal period is upcoming.

The Inspection Readiness Kit will be reviewed for updates against the CAP checklist as they happen, at least once per year. Additionally, as part of your subscription you get the peace of mind that we are watching for updates and notifying you as they are made and available in our packet.

No, the Inspection Reading Kit is a separate portal accessed completely separate from any existing member login, if applicable. Because the kit requires a separate purchase, a separate login is required.

AAPA Grossing Guidelines

The AAPA Grossing Guideline Protocols are a set of documents that ensure all information required by the CAP Cancer Protocols is included in the macroscopic description. The Grossing Guideline Protocols focus on TNM staging and all information under those headings.

The AAPA Grossing Guideline Protocols support medical professionals engaged in the macroscopic examination of cancer resection specimens providing a standardized, systematic approach.

Learn more.

Job Hotline Ads

The most effective way to announce a job opening for a pathologists’ assistant is through the AAPA Job Hotline. Members are able to access the AAPA Job Hotline 24 hours a day through the Members Only section of www.pathassist.org. Our membership consists of certified and certification exam eligible PAs and does not include other laboratory personnel such as histotechnologists or cytotechnologists.

Please submit your job ad and payment directly through our website by completing the AAPA Job Hotline form. If you have any questions or problems with your online order, please contact the AAPA Central Office. 

Upon receipt, ads can take up to three (3) business days to be processed. Once your ad and payment are processed, a confirmation email will be sent to you.

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