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ASCP Certification
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If you have obtained certification through the ASCP you will be required to participate in their Certification Maintenance Program in order to maintain your certified PA(ASCP)cm status.  

Participation in the ASCP Certification Maintenance Program (CMP) is mandatory to remain certified through ASCP.

You should have received a CMP packet from the ASCP that explains the program.  

Certification lasts for 3 years.  

The expiration date is found on your BOC certificate.  

To maintain your certification you will have to renew online at:

You are required to submit a completed declaration with the required CMP renewal fee (this is separate from the ASCP Membership fee) at least 2 months prior to the expiration of your certification.  

If your declaration form is accepted without audit, you will receive a new certificate valid for 3 years.  

A certain percentage (decided by the ASCP) of all ASCP declarations will be audited by the ASCP.  

If your declaration is chosen to be audited, you will have to submit documentation of all your CE activities for that time period.  

The ASCP CMP Booklet describes the program in detail:  

ASCP requires 45 CMP points for every three-year period of certification, to include at least one point in safety and twenty points in anatomic pathology.  An ASCP CMP renewal form must be sent to ASCP two months prior to the end of each three-year period.  

ASCP accepts many more activities for credit than PACE does.  Activities that are approved for credit are listed on pages 4 in the ASCP CMP booklet.  

If your renewal is audited, the types of documentation the ASCP requires are described on page 9 in the ASCP CMP booklet.

The following Certification Maintenance Program requirements have recently been approved by the Board of Governors for the certification as Pathologists' Assistant, PA(ASCP)cm:

45 points required during a three-year period
1 point in safety
20 points in anatomic pathology

Remaining points may be in the area(s) of anatomic pathology, management, education or other clinical specialties 

Required Fee:

The ASCP BOC Certification Maintenance Program (CMP) costs $95 for three years (paid to the ASCP).  This is REQUIRED to maintain your certification as a PA(ASCP)cm.

Optional Fee:

ASCP membership, which costs $99 annually, is OPTIONAL.  You DO NOT have to be an ASCP member to maintain your certification through ASCP.

For more information on Certification maintenance and CE requirements:  

ASCP CMP Booklet: https://www.ascp.org/content/docs/pdf/boc-pdfs/cmp/cmpbooklet.pdf


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