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2020 Branding and Logo Change FAQ

See the evolution:


Q: Why change the logo now?

A: The AAPA is continually evolving to stay current and meet the needs of our members.  In direct response to member feedback and in alignment with our strategic planning goal of growing national recognition, the AAPA hired a professional marketing firm to design a logo which would represent our professional group.  The new logo represents our organization as a group of highly educated professionals who provide high-level and ethical care to patients.

Q: What was wrong with the old logo?

A: In developing a new logo, we were looking for a mark that would better represent the pathologists’ assistant profession and avoid confusion by no longer focusing on the AAPA acronym.

Q: How will this change help our members?

A: The logo was designed to stand out to ensure a clear visual presence among the medical community.

Q: Will our dues go up because of this change?

A: No.  The fees associated with this change were planned as part of our annual budget.

Q: What does the new logo look represent?

A:  “Pathologists’ Assistants” is spelled out and not abbreviated to highlight and clarify our full title, while clearly distinguishing us from other organizations that may share the same acronym.  The graphic on the left incorporates a new pop of color, while keeping our historically blue color scheme.  The intentionally abstract appearance of the graphic attracts attention and helps sets us apart from other organizations.  The graphic also incorporates scalpels, which reflects a unique element of the creative and expert professionals behind the logo.

Q: Why didn’t members have a say in choosing a new logo?

A:  The AAPA hired a professional external marketing firm and used their expertise in the development of the logo.  We felt it best to utilize their knowledge in current marketing strategies and techniques.

Q: Where will we see the new logo?

A:  It will completely replace our current logo.  You will see the new logo on the AAPA website, at AAPA conferences, in the AAPA booth used at other professional conferences, in our journal The Cutting Edge, as well as all other marketing materials, mailings, advertisements, etc.

Q: Why did the AAPA use money on this instead of providing members with something or decreasing dues?

A:  Although we have dynamic volunteers with a variety of skillsets, there are times when we have to call in the professionals from an outside field to help us achieve our mission and goals.  Sometimes we do have to pay for this expertise so that projects keep moving forward at a faster pace than our volunteers can do while juggling full-time careers.

Q: How can we use this logo as members?

A:  A logo usage policy is being finalized and will soon be available in the member community section of the website for members to agree to before accessing the logo for download.

Q: Can I be a part of decisions like this in the future?

A: Absolutely!  The AAPA is always looking for dedicated volunteers to get involved and contribute to the projects about which you are passionate.  Take our fun quiz to see which committee is your best fit, or visit our volunteer hotline to see all available opportunities.

Q: How may I get more information?

A:  Please contact us here or at 800.532.AAPA.

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