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NEW CMP Requirements
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What you need to know…

What: The ASCP recently announced new CMP requirements for Pathologists’ Assistants.  They include:

  • 1 point in laboratory or patient safety (i.e. quality control, quality assurance)
  • 20 points in general anatomic pathology
  • 15 points addressing macroscopic examination and staging of cancer cases (i.e. advanced cancer anatomic pathology) NEW!
  • 1 point in medical ethics NEW!
  • 23 remaining points in areas of anatomic pathology, management, education or other clinical specialties

60 points required during a three-year period

When: We have a long time to prepare.  The new CMP requirements will apply to PA(ASCP) certificants recertifying on or after January 1, 2022.

  • Based on a 3-year renewal cycle, the earliest anyone would need to begin accruing credits under the NEW requirements is January 1, 2019.  Individual renewal timelines will vary. 

Where: Where can you get these new credits?  Well, with the AAPA of course!  Currently the AAPA offers 15 free credits a year included with your membership.  By 2019, the AAPA will offer 20 free credits per year, ensuring these credits fulfill the new advanced cancer credit, the new ethics credit, and the required safety credit.  By simply renewing your membership annually, you will have access to all the credits needed to fulfill the new standards.

Examples of where to obtain the new advanced cancer credit include:

  • AAPA membership: 20 credits offered per year beginning in 2019 to cover the new requirements.
  • AAPA conferences: Multiple lectures offered to fulfill the new advanced cancer credit requirement.
  • Hospital cancer conferences: Most hospital cancer conferences and tumor boards will have all the elements to fulfill the advanced cancer credit.
  • Author a paper or write a chapter:  Papers submitted that include cancer cases and staging information will count as CE for the advanced cancer credit.  (Hint: If you authored a chapter for the grossing guideline, it is worth 7 credits!)

View Issue 4 2017 of The Cutting Edge for full details.


Current Credential Maintenance Program (CMP) Requirements

  • 1 point in safety
  • 20 points in anatomic pathology
  • Remaining points in the area(s) of anatomic pathology, management, education or other clinical specialties

45 points required during a three-year period


Required Fee:

The ASCP BOC Credential Maintenance Program (CMP) costs $95 for three years * (paid to the ASCP).  This is REQUIRED to maintain your certification as a PA(ASCP).

Optional Fee:

ASCP membership, which costs $99 annually*, is OPTIONAL. You DO NOT have to be an ASCP member to maintain your certification through ASCP.

For more information:

Certification maintenance and CE requirements: https://www.ascp.org/content/docs/default-source/boc-pdfs/boc-stay-credentialed-general-cmp-pdfs/boc_cmp_us.pdf?sfvrsn=2  

ASCP CMP Booklet: https://www.ascp.org/content/docs/default-source/boc-pdfs/boc-stay-credentialed-general-cmp-pdfs/ascp-cmp-us-booklet-final-web.pdf?sfvrsn=8   

Mike Sovocool, PA(ASCP)CM, BOT Adjunct - ASCP

* All fees are subject to change by the ASCP BOC. 

Sustaining Members

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